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Drive Trial & Sales Lift by delivering Messaging, Offers and Samples to your highest indexing audiences.

Connect with consumers who have the highest potential for conversion when and where they are making purchasing decisions. We’re dedicated to helping CMOs, brand managers, product managers, marketing directors and agency media planners take their brands to new places.

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Interactive Map | Reach by Industry & Geolocation

We’ve mapped our At-Work Freebies network, nationally. Use the map below to interact with our network and view audiences you can drive trial and sales lift with.

To find out your audience reach, email your target demographics and any geo-targeting needs (store locations) to Caitlin for a no commitment, free interactive, custom profile. 

CMG – Drive Trial and Sales Lift with your desired Audiences.

Leverage the power of Channel Media Group to address your highest indexing audiences online and offline – Sampling, Messaging, Offers.

Connecting You to Niche Audiences – Nationally

CMG is a multi-channel marketing platform which reaches niche audiences of consumers with samples, offers and messaging on a national scale – offline + online. Choose from hundreds of firmographic data points to reach your target audience.

Sample + Offer + Messaging


Channel Media programs transform offline assets into online action by including custom, campaign specific QR codes on each asset delivered to your targeted niche audience of consumers. Custom QRs are your opportunity to gain valuable consumer insights or direct traffic to other online assets, such as a landing page, website, online offer, app, social page or interactive media.

Digital Display | Ads + Offers


Addressable audiences are generated based on the physical locations which samples and offers are delivered and distributed offline. Channel Media delivers digital display advertising prior to, during and after the physical campaign drop to reinforce brand recall, engagement & call to action.


Email Engagement


Based on audiences who have received offline or online/offline assets, Channel Media matches your audience available for email marketing campaigns. Get detailed information to follow-up with prospects that engaged with campaign emails. .

Our Ambassadors are Your Ambassadors

We have an Ambassador at each business to implement each program. Our permissioned network stays up-to-date through form-fill opt-ins, surveys and emails. We honor the relationship by sending only content they like and want, and constantly receive photos and letters expressing appreciation and engagement with your brand – in addition to thousands of survey responses.

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We’d love to help you drive more traffic and lift sales! Here are a few ways to reach out to our sales team.

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