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Drive Trial & Sales Lift by Delivering Messaging, Offers and Samples to Your Highest Indexing Audiences.

Connect with consumers who have the highest potential for conversion when and where they are making purchasing decisions. We’re dedicated to helping CMOs, brand managers, product managers, marketing directors and agency media planners take their brands to new places.

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We’ve mapped our At-Work Freebies network, nationally. Use the map below to interact with our network and view audiences you can drive trial and sales lift with.

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Upload your list of locations or retailers and tell us about your campaign goals and we’ll create an interactive view of your CMG Audience and deliver it within 48 hours. Leverage our network of 35M consumers at-work to deliver your messaging, offers and samples.

At-Work Freebies Powered by Channel Media Group

At-Work Freebies is our consumer facing network of 450,000+ businesses, nationwide, which reaches 35,000,000+ consumers where they make important buying decisions everyday, At-Work.

Our Ambassadors are Your Ambassadors

We have an Ambassador at each business to implement each program. Our permissioned network stays up-to-date through form-fill opt-ins, surveys and emails. We honor the relationship by sending only content they like and want, and constantly receive photos and letters expressing appreciation and engagement with your brand – in addition to thousands of survey responses.

Explore insights gathered from 2,340 members of our At-Work Freebies Network. This marks our second annual consumer survey, with the 2024 edition focusing on commute, workday habits, and wellness.

Connecting You to Niche Audiences – Nationally

CMG is a multi-channel marketing platform which reaches niche audiences of consumers with samples, offers and messaging on a national scale – offline + online. Choose from hundreds of firmographic data points to reach your target audience.

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Channel Media Group creates unique product experiences at work, helping you reach the right audience, in the right location, at the right time. 
Our team can help your brand reach new audiences by opting-in targeted working consumers with your special offer. With our extensive network of contacts, your brand tap into new markets and reach a wider audience. Distributing your special offers to our network will create brand awareness, and drive sales lift, just like we do for so many other brands!
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Learn about Consumer Habits during the workday. Survey results from a pool of 2,340 HR Managers, Office Managers and the like, being part of our At-Work Freebies Network.

Join in on the Network fun and participate in our latest Network Event. Next event coming up – Pet Palooza Photo Submission Contest.

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