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Red Bull Case Study



Red Bull wanted to surprise hardworking employees to brighten their day with a Red Bull can and a note. A short reminder to Construction and Manufacturing Workers about how Red Bull can help while they work. To ensure the cans got into the hands of the right people, Channel Media Group built a data-driven, targeted media plan. Making sure that the right businesses were fully opted-in to this exclusive campaign. We distributed 26,880 Red Bull cans. That’s how our journey with Red Bull started in 2022.

Since then, we have distributed 167,416 Red Bull cans to our At-Work Freebies Network. Currently, we are in the process of another campaign distributing another 26,000 cans to construction workers in the mid-Atlantic region – totaling 193,416 Red Bull cans!

Find out how we didi it in the slideshow below. Click the arrow on the right to see the next slide. 

Sample Profile

We’ve mapped our network, to target a desired sample audience. Use the map below to interact with our network and view audiences you can drive trial and sales lift with by Profession and Geolocation. Hold the ‘control’ or ‘command’ button to select multiple states, industries, etc. There are 3 pages in this report. Navigation can be found along the bottom of the window. Fullscreen toggle can be found in the bottom righthand corner of the window. 

Engagement Creates Fans!

Congratulations to Shawn S. from Doggett Freightliner in Arkansas, the winner of $250 in our Red Bull Photo Contest.

A successful campaign is not just to get your offers in the right hands, it also means engagement. Channel Media Group creates customer engagement through contests, surveys, and amazing offers from brands like yours.

With Red Bull we did a photo contest, encouraging customers to send us pictures while enjoying their drinks. A real success, see more contest participants below.

We are happy to participate in any future deals…Thanks again!


Dothan, AL, DSI Security Services

Thank you for the Gift Card! It was such little effort to receive such a large gift. Thank you again and I will promote AtWork Freebies should I be asked.

Deborah - Our Survey Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card

We look forward working with your company again.


Jonesboro, AR, Camfil APC

Connecting You to Niche Audiences – Nationally

CMG is a multi-channel marketing platform which reaches niche audiences of consumers with samples, offers and messaging on a national scale – offline + online. Choose from hundreds of firmographic data points to reach your target audience.

Sample + Offer + Messaging


Digital Display | Ads + Offers


Addressable audiences are generated based on the physical locations which samples and offers are delivered and distributed offline. Channel Media delivers digital display advertising prior to, during and after the physical campaign drop to reinforce brand recall, engagement & call to action.


Email Engagement


Based on audiences who have received offline or online/offline assets, Channel Media matches your audience available for email marketing campaigns. Get detailed information to follow-up with prospects that engaged with campaign emails. .

When the supervisors from the field (we build houses) came in and saw the Red Bull cans they were…heck yeah! 


Lowder New Homes / Colonial Company

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